Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Democratic Primary Results - 2009 (Unofficial)

It finally over and now it’s time to unite. Before we do, a quick review of the results from yesterday’s Primary:


Creigh Deeds 159,324 (49.73%)

Terry McAuliffe 84,640 (26.41%)

Brian Moran 76,405 (23.84%)

Creigh Deeds’ win will be examined and analyzed as to what was the key to victory. My take is that he was consistent and stayed relatively positive throughout his run. Terry McAuliffe was a shooting star, and burned out fast towards the end. His high octane style with his access to high level surrogates got people’s attention. In the end, the voters wanted to see the substance behind the glitz, and they just couldn’t find it. Brian Moran spent way too much money on high level staff and consultants, as well as lots of money on instate politicos that promised much be delivered nothing. I don’t want to take anything away from any of these folks because the world of the operative is tough, and if you aren’t successful at some level they can’t command the rates they charge. But this was a complete failure. All three have their drawbacks and strengths, but Creigh’s tortoise strategy of slow and steady, it won the race.

Lieutenant Governor

Jody Wagner 212,460 (74.21%)

Mike Signer 60,976 (21.30%)

(John Bowerbank) 12,826 (4.48%)

Jody Wagner out lasted them all and held off a scrappy effort from Mike Signer. So, what does such a decisive victory mean? It just means that she won the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor. There have been a lot of Wagner supporters who questioned the reasoning and rational for Mike Signer’s candidacy. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first impression Wagner made on me was her enthusiastic support for Right-to-Work and everything that comes along with it. It made me take a harder look at her to see if she understands social and economic justice and everything that comes along with it as well.

Mike was the darling of the blogospher and picked up a ton of positive press and free media. He was only in the race for four or five months. He tapped into support and a donor base that Jody didn’t have access to. Mike got into the race because none of the candidates at the time were talking about issues that directly affect people from the doorstep to the curb. I am going to support Jody Wagner in every way that I can, but I also hope that she was listening to the message sent from the 26% that did not support her. Now, on to beating Bill Bolling.

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