Thursday, January 7, 2010

Call the EMTs!!! GOP shooting themselves in the foot, agian!

The only thing that is keeping the GOP from a redux of 1994,... THEMSELVES! RNC Chairman Michael Steele can't keep his mouth shut. The GOP Congressional Leadership can't offer one, ONE real solution that the rest of the country can get behind to improve the economy and win the War on Terror. Oh, and the Tea Party whack-jobs are trying to purify the GOP for "real" conservatives.

Right now, the GOP is nothing more than an opposition party when they need to be a viable alternative with real solutions. These guys have no strategy and are so green with envy to be back in power that they can't can't even recycle an original idea or get traction on a bad idea to be a threat to take back the House (which is unlikely anyway). At this rate the GOP doesn't have a prayer of cutting into the Dems majority in the Senate. The only thing that would get them in the ballpark is if there was a successful Terror Attack or the economy did fall of a cliff (god forbid).

While there's not much to crow about from the Democratic side, the alternative is even less appealing. GOP economic principles got us in the mess we are in, as well as their twisted take on Foreign Relations. For the sake of the nation, Democrats and Republican, enough politics! GET IT DONE!