Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it finally over? Al Franken declaired the winner of the 2008 Minnesota U.S. Senate race by Minnesota Supreme Court

It appears that three things need to happen now for Al Franken to be on his way to Washington, D.C. First, former Minnesota United States Senator Norm Coleman needs to stop filing lawsuits to delay the certification. Second, the Minnesota Secretary of State's office needs to certify the election and declare All Franken the winner. Lastly, Governor Tim Pawlenty needs to sign the election certification and then it will be all over except the swearing in ceremony.

As painful as this has been, this is probably an example (not going to say it's a good example) of how the process is suppose to work, every vote is counted and scrutinized, so that the winner can be determined. Minnesota didn't recount only 10% of the votes and election irregularities were investigated. But, Iran has to work these things out for themselves and doesn't need the United States interfering... If they want to see how we do things, then...

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