Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iranian Election Results and N. Korea Nukes!

As it stands right now, current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been declaimed the winner of the Presidential Election in Iran. But, not all the ballots have been counted and with turnout being reported in the 70 to 85% range, there are questions about voter intimidation and election tampering. This is a very volatile situation, some speculating that the calls for change could turn violent.

North Korea, reacting to the latest round of sanctions passed by the United Nations, has stated it's intent to beef-up it's nuclear capability by proceeding to weaponizing it's plutonium. This was not totally unexpected, but it is another set-back and the march to possible confrontation continues. Let's cross our fingers that sanity finds it's way to North Korea.


  1. Hey not to worry King Barry has everything under control! He will talk with Iran's Monkey Boy and N. Korea's Jump Suit boy and it will all be great! Maybe he can get them to promise to be good these nutty dictators!

  2. Iran is in turmoil right now. This could get bad. As far as North Korea, the challenge here is trying to hold Japan back from going nuclear. China is going to have to really step up here.