Friday, June 26, 2009

Q and A with Democratic Gubernatorial Candiate Creigh Deeds

I was able to get a few minutes with Senator Deeds as he was leaving. Here is my interview with the Democratic Gubernatorial nominee:


  1. Nice interview.

    Sen. Deeds is correct that payday lending is down in the Commonwealth, although I believe car-title lending, just as bad if not worse, has more than taken its place.

  2. Thanks. Wanted to do something new. I will be doing the same tomorrow with the Delegate Valentine Re-election kick-off.

    I agree. These are the standard responses on Payday Lending. I posted something about a week ago on the decline of PDL and the rise of Car Title Lending.

    He's correct that there is a market, but it is also a reflection on (and I don't like to use a broad brush here) how bad most American's are with money and understanding interest rates. Compounding interest rates for investors are a good thing. If you are a borrower with a compounding interest rate, you need to pay that thing off quick.

    On a broader note, we have allowed ourselves and the nation to accumulate massive debt (consumer and national). We have abdicated way too much power to big business all in the name of smaller government and less government is better. This is what we get.

  3. Great Barry! I linked this on my Facebook page. See ya at Shannon's announcement!