Friday, June 19, 2009

Healthcare Reform: Providing the least amount of coverage to maximize profits

Let's not kid ourselves. Private Health Insurers are in the business to MAKE MONEY. They are not bound by the Hippocratic Oath nor any measure of human ethics. The goal of private Health Insurance it to provide the least amount of coverage, pay out a little as possible to health care providers and professionals for their services, and maximize their profits.

Paul Begala has a commentary up on about the little known practice of "rescission" where private Health Insurers kick people off their coverage for pre-existing conditions or getting treatment that was not covered by the insurer. This next part is astonishing:

The subcommittee's chairman, Democrat Bart Stupak of Michigan, called the
hearing to highlight the obnoxious and unethical practice called rescission. His
researchers produced performance reviews of insurance company bureaucrats who
were praised and rewarded for kicking people off their coverage.

Then Stupak asked three health insurance executives the big question: Will
your company pledge to end the practice of rescission except in cases of
intentional fraud?

All three health insurance executives said no.

I posted on Health Care Reform yesterday and made a specific mention of this in the post. Besides having quality, affordable health care for everyone, this practice of denying treatment based on pre-existing conditions or kicking people off their policies for the same or similar reasons has to end. There have been several proposals that would turn Health Care into a not-for-profit business, which still doesn't mean a whole lot because you can still make lots of money as a non-profit, but it would at least take a bit out of the profit motive for kicking people off their coverage or denying treatment.

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