Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Apology or not, Rush is WRONG

Last week's statements made by conservative talk radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, about the testimony of a Georgetown Law student, Sandra Fluke, over her contention that health insureres should cover contraception went well beyond the norms of public discourse.  Since then, Limbaugh has apologized but only after an exodus of sponsors have dumped his nationally syndicated radio show

Somehow in this whole episode, the issue of health insurance coverage for contraception, somehow got morphed into the boogeyman of government funded contraception - which isn't what this was about or the point Sandra Fluke was trying to make.  Not only did Rush Limbaugh misrepresent the issue (shocker) but he further proved that his conservative flamethrowing style is not remotely concerned about substantive public debate, but is intended to incite anger and further a divisive nature that eats at the bones of our great nation. 

The words he used, calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute", for her position that the government should require health insurers to include contraception in their coverage, saying that she wants "to be paid to have sex", have also touched a nerve in me along with millions upon millions of fellow Americans. 

As a father of two beautiful girls, who are nowhere close to the age where they would have to use contraception (thank God), I'm outraged at the implication that women who use birth control, who might be single, are "sluts" or "prostitutes".  I stand in admiration at Sandra Fluke's courage for standing up for what she believes.  But if I were her father, brother, uncle, or friend of the family, I would be hopping the first plane or jumping in the car to come see Mr. Limbaugh where an exchange would occur that no words would be spoken. 

Sponsors dumping Rush Limbaugh are not enough.  Every station that broadcasts his show should also give him the boot.  Limbaugh's time has past, and it's now time to move beyond his brand of "political discourse". 

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