Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some "Steamy" reads from Governor Mark Sanford

It just goes to show you that being a human with "needs" has no party affiliation, but it sure seems of late that infidelity and scandal are closely tied to the Republican Party. At first, when the reports started coming out that Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina goes off, unaccounted for, for days at a time a scene from Band of Brothers came to mind. The one where Lt. Dyke is walking alone in the Ardennes Forest during a lull in the fighting around Bastogne. Nobody in Easy Company likes the guy and no one knows where he is. He's aloofe and disconnected with reality. Well, the real story about Governor Sanford is much juicier than this.

The State Newspaper out of Columbia has obtained the emails between Republican Governor Mark Sanford and his Mistress. I'm not a smoker, but I needed something after reading this stuff. Men, don't let the ladies see these letters. Ladies, don't let the men know you've read them. WOW! So much for traditional marriage and family values.

The rumor out of Alaska is that Republican Governor Sarah Palin is thinking of not running for re-election next year. First it was Nevada Republican Senator, and NRSC Chairman John Ensign caught steppin' out on his wife and family. Now, Mark Sanford. Does Sarah Palin know something that we don't or is this her way of clearing the field. Who's next, Mississippi Republican Governor Hailey Barbour (sorry I had to put that image in people's minds)?

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