Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mike Signer BBQs and Rallies Democrats in Campbell Co.

Mike Signer made a stop in the Lynchburg area today to BBQ with around 25 local Democratic supporters and make a last pitch to those 63% of undecided voters for the Lt. Governor's race. Mike worked the crowd and spoke for 15 minutes about the issues that he feels are most important and directly affecting all Virginians. He then took questions for another 15 to 20 minutes on energy, early voting, labor, and education. This was the second time he has been to Campbell County.

While talking about the standard list of issues like jobs and the economy, education, and transportation, Mike also spoke about Veterans issues and ex-Felon Voting Right Restoration. What I like about this candidate over others, he's not afraid to stretch beyond the safe issues and talk knowledgeably about the less "sexy" issues like bio-mass, uranium mining, and no-excuse voting (Early Voting and Voting Absentee without a reason). Mike is so articulate about all the issues it's hard to imagine that this is Mike's first run for public office.

Signer's campaign for the Lt. Governor's office has changed the race from a beauty contest to a substantive debate that focuses on how much more the Lt. Governor's office can do. Mike Signer will match up better, across the board, against Bill Bolling than Wagner can. It's as simple as that.

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