Friday, June 5, 2009

South Carolina Legislature and SC Supreme Court smack Gov. Mark Sanford for turning down Federal Stimulus Fund to help SC Public Schools

Even the Republican controlled South Carolina legislature knew better than to turn down Federal Stimulus money that needed to go to their crumbling schools. And this guy is a potential Presidential Candidate for 2012? When the other two branches of state government and your own political party tell you that you are wrong to be pig headed, then maybe they’re right. But Sanford just doesn’t get it.
The two-term Republican said he would abide by the court ruling, but called
it a bad day for South Carolina and the country.

"This decision is terrible news for every taxpayer in South Carolina, and
even more so for future taxpayers who will ultimately bear the responsibility of
paying for this so-called 'stimulus' without seeing any benefit from it," he
said in a statement.

A bad day for South Carolina? Wouldn’t see any benefit from it? Educating kids won’t yield benefits for South Carolina? I think he can kiss is aspirations for President good-bye. I hope we don’t have anyone like that in Virginia. Oh! My mistake. We do. The entire Virginia Republican Party.

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