Friday, June 5, 2009

Tracking the latest polls for the Virginia Democratic Primary: UP FOR GRABS! GOTV

Here is a list of the latest independent polls heading into June 9th Primary on Tuesday:

Suffolk University Poll – June 1st to 3rd (Live Interviewers) 500 likely voters, MoE 4.4%

Deeds 29%

McAuliffe 26%

Moran 23%

Undecided 22%

Research 2000/DailyKos – June 1st to 3rd Democratic Prim Voters, MoE 5%

Deeds 30%

Moran 27%

McAuliffe 26%

Undecided 17%

It’s pretty clear that Criegh Deeds has the BIG MO heading into Tuesday. Still a lot of undecided’s, but if the race stays within the Margin of Error (MoE), McAuliffe has the advantage because he invested in a Field Program, thus better able to GOTV his voters. He also has the money to saturate the airwaves with his ads. Bottom line: UP FOR GRABS! It all comes down to GOTV (Get Out The Vote).

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