Monday, July 6, 2009

What about Healthcare in other countries? has a great blog post by Tim Foley, who had done work for Obama for America and SEIU. He makes a point that has been ignored for far too long. What does healthcare look like in other countries besides Canada and Great Britain? We hear so much about how bad their "national healthcare system" is in both these countries, but what about France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, etc...?

It is disingenuous for Conservatives and the Health Insurance Industry to only focus on the two, yes two, examples of bad national healthcare systems from the world's industrialized countries. Any changes away from the status quo will cost the US Health Insurance Industry billions. I guess they think the more they beat the government run, government controlled healthcare drum the more they can scare us into not taking action. Time's up. We can't wait any longer.

No one has said that healthcare reform in the United States has to look like Canada's or Great Britain's. United States Healthcare Reform can be totally unique and incorporate the things that work in other countries' versions of national healthcare. Visit the link above to read more...

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  1. has a good piece on how distorted Conservatives and pro-private health insurance industry Congressional Members are portraying the Candadian Health Care System. They highlight how Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) isn't even getting the facts straight. Here's the link to the story: