Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SCOTUS Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings: Senator Kyl and GOP treading on thin ice

They can't pick apart her rulings as a Federal Judge, so they continue to push on things she has said in speeches, to groups, and legal conferences. Justice Alito even said during his confirmation hearings that his Italian-American heritage is part of who he is and those experience growing up. It's strategically dangerous for the GOP Judiciary Committee members to continue to press the issue of the "wise Latina" comment. The inference here of reverse racism is insulting when she has a long record of applying the law based upon the facts given for each case.

Keep it up Republicans. Continue to push away the third largest voting block in the country. If Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma hasn't had his turn yet, I wonder if he will cross the line and say something stupid (which he has a reputation for)? Quit trying to score political points and confirm Judge Sotomayor. Quit acting like a bunch of back-benchers and confirm her. Everything else is just semantics.

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