Monday, July 6, 2009

Delegate Morgan Griffith and the traveling Seal Show!!!

While at the Salem Fair this weekend, I came across this scene. I'm not quite sure what Delegate Griffith (R-Salem) had in mind by hanging his campaign banners at a traveling Seal Show, but there they are. There's gotta be an appropriate metaphor that fits this image. Regardless, if the Republican Majority Leader for the House of Delegates is looking for applause from the crowd for being one of the leaders in the House that voted down extension of Unemployment Benefits to struggling Virginia workers, the only ones clapping are the seals.

Traveling carnivals are notorious for rigged games, lame sideshows (Bearded Lady, Smallest Horse in the World, Monkey Boy), shaky rides and P. T. Barnum. I guess the message here from Delegate Griffith is "There's a sucker born every minute." In stead of throwing him a fish, maybe voters in the 8th House District should just throw him out of office.

If you want to suggest a good, bad, witty, or lame label for this picture, feel free to comment. Who knows, we can make a contest out of this and see where it goes.

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