Friday, July 17, 2009

Reaction from Erik Curren on rumors of Delegate Saxman retirement

I just got off the phone with Democratic Candidate Erik Curren about the rumors of Delegate Chirs Saxman's withdrawal from the race. Erik commented that he has heard and read the same reports and if true, anticipates this will give his campaign a boost.

Erik Curren is an incredible person who made the courageous decision to take on one of the darlings of the Virginia GOP and the Predatory Lending industry. I am going to disagree with Ben Tribblet of Not Larry Sabato who feels Saxman's retirement is a "loss to the House" of Delegates. My experience and dealings with Saxman has been one of condescendence, arrogance, and indifference to issues that directly affect working Virginians. On top of his blind support for Payday and Car Title Lending, his opposition to increasing the Minimum Wage, and support of anything that puts profit ahead of people, the last example of how out of touch Saxman is with the needs of his constituents and all Virginians was his "follow the herd" vote tuning down extension of Unemployment Benefits.

If the rumors of Delegate Saxman's retirement are true, this is nothing but a win, win, win, win, win for all Virginians.

Please visit Erik Curren's web site to learn more and give him the financial support he needs to be the next Democratic Delegate from Staunton!


  1. You are right about his strong support of the payday and car title lenders. He was a big obstacle in efforts to cap the interest rates on these "loans".

  2. Saxman just didn't get it about loans like these (or maybe he did). What really got me about Saxman was he thought that there were never any laws that cap interest rates on usury products or businesses. If that was the case, then why did the Payday and Car Title lenders have to get exempted from Virginia's Usury Laws in 2002? But, this is still very odd the suddeness of his decision not to run again. Didn't he think about running for Senate against Gilmore to get the GOP nomination?