Friday, July 17, 2009

Health Care Reform: A Design Charett Event - Lynchburg

I received this information from Don Manning in Lynchburg. Please spread the word. See below:

Heath Care Reform: A Design Charette Event – Addressing policy that affects health care delivery at a local level by joining your thoughts and ideas with others in a community-led initiative.

Problem: Lynchburg can no longer settle for a health care system that costs too much, wastes too much, and leaves too many without care.

Social Justice Principles:
1. Broaden the population that receives health care coverage through a combination of public sector insurance programs and private sector insurance companies
2. Expand the array of health care providers that consumers may choose from
3. Improve access to health care specialists
4. Improve the quality of health care (prevention, wellness, personalized medicine)
5. Decrease the cost of health care

Charette: An intensive, social-justice collaborative design session involving small groups of stakeholders whose intentions are to promote local, joint ownership of solutions

Phases: Dreaming or Visioning
Celebrating and Evaluating

Advocacy: Could you please encourage others to call Senator Mark Warner: 888-436-8427

For more information, contact Don Manning at 582-4703 or

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