Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poll: Only 33% of Republicans think that Palin qualified to be President (ouch!)

According to a newly released poll taken after Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced she was not running for re-election and will be resigning her Governorship by the end of July, the majority of Americans feel that she is not qualified to be President and only 33% of Republicans feel that she is qualified. So, that means 67% of self-identified Republicans think that she's not qualified or they had no opinion.

It's safe to say that this wasn't the result that Governor Palin was anticipating by taking an unconventional approach to testing the waters for national office. But, what does she expect? If being Governor of Alaska, a state with less than 600,000 people, was stressful what did she think being President of the United States was going to be? Quitters make lousy leaders. I shutter to think where we would be if she was President at this time.

Take the Reality TV Show and Book deal and run, Governor Palin.


  1. I think you mean shudder -- you shudder to think.

    What I find scary is that there are STILL 33% of any group anywhere who find her credible in any way, instead of your typical GOP narcissistic personality disorder on her way to full-blowm sociopathy. Or somethin'. (Brrrr. Now I'm shuddering.)

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  2. Thanks for correcting my spelling. Must have been thinking about shuttering up those 33% of Palin supporters. This might be one of those instances that you can't un-ring a bell or never get a chance to make a first impression. I can see that number shrinking even futher.

    Stopped by your blog. I will visit it to keep up with what you are posting. Thanks for the comment!