Thursday, July 30, 2009

8th House of Delegates District Update: Turner gains endorsement of Salem Mayor over Griffith

In what was considered by most state political pundents as a non-race, it seems that the switch of challengers for House Majority Leader, Morgan Griffith (R-Salem), has presented him with a bit of a wrinkle. In a statement released by the Cater Turner for Delegate Campaign, Salem City Mayor Byron R. "Randy" Foley is giveing Turner his full throated support for the 8th House District:

“I am proud to announce my endorsement of Carter Turner for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 8th District. Carter has been my close friend for over thirty years, and I am confident that he has the intelligence, demeanor, and vision to bring effective leadership to Richmond. Please join me in supporting Carter Turner as he works to move our city, district, and state forward.”

Mayor Byron R. “Randy” Foley
Salem, Virginia

According to Turner, “Having grown up in Salem, with deep ties to this wonderful community, I am extremely honored to have Mayor Foley’s endorsement. I look forward to representing our district in Richmond with the same non-partisan focus on solutions that I continue to hear supporters say we need.”
While I'm not sure of the full extent of the relationship between Mayor Foley and Delegate Griffith, it is clear that a 30 year friendship goes a lot father in Salem than Republican Paty senority. This has to be at least a little disconserting for Delegate Griffith. I will be keeping my eye on this contest.

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