Monday, May 11, 2009

McAliffe's Midday Event Goes Over Like a Lead Ballon

First, I don't have a dog in this hunt. I've had a few conversations with different people about the Gov. race and I'm not overly excited about any of the candidates. With that said, what I do know about McAliffe's campaign and the number of people he's hire to work in Virginia, turning out 30 or so people for an event with a celebrity is really bad staff work. They've been building for this event for what, two weeks?

Before I got into politics I worked in the hotel business for four years. I learned that for every bad meal, bad stay, bad experience that person will tell 10 other people. If everything goes well and they have an enjoyable experience they will recommend you to two or three people. My point? When something goes bad, word spreads fast. I hope the other events went better for T-Mac, because you can't get much worse.


  1. The crowd in Arlington was 350, plus about 80-100 midday in Hampton and Richmond. For video and photos, see - and go Terry!

  2. Thanks for the coverage of the other McAliffe events. I guess yesterday in Norfolk can best be described as getting a train started out of the station.

    I will say that McAliffe is doing a pretty good job of covering the state. Over the last month he's been in Southwest VA with a high profile endorser (Pres. Clinton) and now he has covered the Golden Crescent with another. Next, he needs to travel the entire length of US 58, from VA Beach to Lee County.