Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Coming to Jesus Meeting? Falwell and LU Democrats Club to meet today

This should be interesting. Liberty University Chancellor, Jerry Falwell, and the disavowed Democrats Club are scheduled to meet today according to the Lynchburg News Advance. So, it goes without saying that this is a "coming to Jesus meeting" of sorts. But, the question is for which party? More to come...

Update - 3:30 pm:

Jan Dervish, Secretary of the LU College Democrats, responds to Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s op-ed from last week regarding the decision to ban the LU College Democrats Club. In a very well written op-ed in today's Lynchburg News Advance, Dervish states that as a condition of the LU College Democrats being recognized by the University, they had to include in their Constitution that they were 1) Pro-life and 2) support Traditional Marriage." It seems that there is a bit of the "Animal House" double secret probation going on from the LU Administration, changing the rules and conditions after they have already complied with the request of the University to include those two clauses. Doesn't God punish liars and perpetrators of dishonesty?

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