Thursday, May 21, 2009

ENDORSEMENT: Carlos Brown for House District 69

While the contest in House District 69 is mainly an intra-party affair for the Democratic Nomination, and supporting one candidate over another in these situations can sometimes come back to bit you, I am going to take a chance in this instance for one reason alone. I know Carlos Brown.

Carlos and I went to High School together, played Football together, and I know how hard he works. Carlos’ list of accomplishments include being a Class Officer every year he was in High School, Class President, Student Body President, graduating in the top of his class at Great Bridge High School, student-athlete, acceptance to UVA for undergrad, and acceptance to UVA Law School. These are the things that he accomplished just in the time that we kept in contact with each other. As most things go with schoolmates, we lost touch for a few years and reconnected at a Candidate Training in 2003. You can visit his campaign web site to see what else he has accomplished since his days at UoooVeeeAyyyyeeee (I’m a Tar Heel fan and a part-time Graduate Student at Duke. Talk about being conflicted and needing therapy). It’s an impressive resume, to say the least.

This endorsement is more than just one schoolmate supporting another. Carlos will be a strong voice for fairness and equity in the House of Delegates, which is deficient in those qualities with the current partisan make-up. While the seat, currently held by Delegate Frank Hall who is not running for re-election, is a solid Democratic district we still need to have Delegates that will support the issues that are important to real people and not special interests. While I cannot vote for Carlos Brown, he does have my complete support and I encourage you to do the same.

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