Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Law and Order Conservatives continue to give the business community a pass on illegal immigration

As November approaches "Law and Order" Conservatives continue to demonstrate they're not serious about illegal immigration.  Rather than take on the business community, who primarily bankrolls GOP political  operations, these same champions of "enforcing the laws that are on the books" prefer to focus that attention on immigrants who are here illegally. 

The most recent proof of this is Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli legal opinion for the proposed Virginia Rule of Law Act, which was requested by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R) Woodbridge.  Last week, an op-ed from 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte called on the Congress and the President to enforce immigration laws so that states, like Arizona, wouldn't feel it necessary to take matters into their own hands and pass constitutionally questionable laws that clearly cross the boundaries of Federal-State jurisdiction. 

In every instance where the GOP talks about enforcing immigration law, they almost never mention enforcing the other aspects of the law by prosecuting businesses that hire illegal immigrants.  Hiring someone not here legally and eligible to work in the United States is ILLEGAL.  As conservatives like to say:  WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? 

If conservatives were serious about stemming the tide of illegal immigration into the United States, they would prosecute these businesses that hire illegal immigrants.  They would also support stiffer penalties for hiring people that are not eligible to work in this country.  The main reason why people south of the United States-Mexican boarder cross into this country illegally is because of ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY

If there were no prospects for being hired to work in the United States, without going through the appropriate immigration and guest worker process, the flow of illegal immigration would dwindle to a trickle. 

One other thing that "patriotic" conservatives seem to ignore is that American businesses who hire illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from native born and legalized American Citizens.  In-sourcing or out-sourcing, what's the difference?  They're not hiring Americans for these jobs.  So maybe if we enforced all the laws relating to immigration, and even passed some that made it such a disincentive to hire illegal workers, then we could honestly address the illegal immigration issue. 

So, here's my idea.  Lets pass a state law that says if you hire illegal workers, your assets will be seized, the business will be shut down, and you will go to the same jails where the illegal immigrants are locked up.  They are building one around Farmville, VA.  I can almost guarantee that unemployment would drop and there would not be a constitutional challenge to the law.   But why should the GOP actually offer a real solution to the problem when they can have a divisive issue to run on that further polarize Americans and inflames racial bias?

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