Sunday, August 29, 2010

5th District Tea Party Candidate heavily in debt due to medical expenses

If there is any better example of why comprehensive Health Care Reform was needed, 5th Congressional District candidate and Tea Party Activist Jeff Clark is it.  One problem,... Clark didn't support it.  And as far as anyone can tell, neither Clark or Republican candidate Robert Hurt have said what would be better.  Click here for the News Advance story. 

While being in debt resulting from serious health care issues is not uncommon, debts relating to failure to pay for car repairs from an accident, non-payment of taxes, and library fines might seem nit-picky but they start to catch up to a person with an established record of bad credit.  Makes any argument about out-of-control government spending meaningless coming from someone who has a problem practicing what they preach. 

At this point Clark would be lucky to get above 5%, thus making him a non-factor in the 5th Congressional District race. 

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