Friday, March 12, 2010

Right-wing votes to re-write History Textbooks in Texas

If anyone was wondering what it would look like if ideologues and extremists got control of a School Board (at the State level), then here's a peek. The Texas State Board of Education vote 10-5 to for preliminary approval for new standards for textbooks. This is really scary stuff.

When a group of people can get together and replace actual history for a version of history that is more opinion and conjecture woven into propaganda, we have a very dangerous situation. There are places other than Texas where this is a major concern. Lynchburg, Virginia is one of those places since Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church have made very deliberate moves to have their students register to vote at the local level. They claim their issues are not being addressed and they want a greater say in local government to address those issues.

While Lynchburg is a locality rather than a whole state, what is happening in Texas should serve as a wake-up call for people around Virginia and in Lynchburg. History has shown time after time that when extremists and ideologues get control of anything, persecution follows close behind them. I wonder which Horseman of the Apocalypse they are going to cover first in the new textbooks they print in Texas?

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