Sunday, March 28, 2010

The GOP were for the Health Insurance Mandate before they were against it

Thank the Lord there is still such a thing as Investigative Reporting at the Associated Press.  In a throwback to a sound bite that killed Senator John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential race, the GOP was for the Health Insurance Mandate before they were against it.  They weren't just for it last year or even during the previous three Presidential Administrations (G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush), but as far back as Richard Nixon.  As many of us on the Progressive and Liberal side have pointed out, the Health Insurance Mandate is a central piece of (then Massachusetts Governor) Mitt Romney's landmark state health insurance reform. 

There is nothing more disgusting than someone who fains outrage over something that they championed and now finds it politically beneficial to duck away from that position, just to pop-up on the other side and fan the flames of anger and burn their own idea in effigy.  If the Democrats are savvy enough to take advantage of this, I would wrap the GOP in this little fact and make them eat it.

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