Thursday, March 4, 2010

FINALLY! Car Title Lenders to have their gas tanks drained.

It only took the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and Budget Proposals from the Governor, State Senate, and House of Delegates that cut so many state jobs for there to be any kind of consumer protection bill to reign in PREDATORY CAR TITLE LENDERS! SB 606 reported out of the Virginia House of Delegates Commerce and Labor Committee with 21 yeas and 1 nay (21 Y - 1 N) and will head to the floor for a vote. I am almost without words.

I haven't had much to say of late, because much of the debate on most any topic is just flailing. Nothing is happening. There's been no leadership. Liberals and progressives have been absolutely awfull at PR and getting their message out. The only thing that is keeping them in the game at this point are absolutely moronic behavior and mistakes by the GOP. The latest example is the fundraising presentation leaked to the traditional press that show how the RNC plans to use FEAR to raise money from their grassroots base. Absolutely disgusting.

OK, back to the Car Title Lenders. Huge message sent by the House of Delegate Commerce and Labor Committee today. The only Delegate to vote against it was Delegate Bill Janis. Janis is the only one to vote against this Bill in either the House or Senate. This bodes well for this bill to pass the House of Delegates and go to Governor McDonald's desk. This should be a no-brainer, so we shall see...

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