Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea Party: Would there be a movement without Nativists, Birthers, Bigots, Anti-Semites, Gay Bashers, Ultra-Nationalists, and Racists?

The NAACP has passed a resolution labeling the Tea Party Movement as racists.  The Tea Party has denounced it calling the resolution "unfair."  Sara Palin, darling of the Tea Party Movement, has quickly fired back calling the NAACP resolution "false, appauling, and a is a regressive and divisionary tactic to change the subject at hand.

The real simple way to prove the Tea Party Movement isn't racist is to kick these people out of the movement. But wait,... would their be a Tea Party Movement with out the racists, nativists, birthers, bigots, Anti-Semites, gay bashers, and ultra-nationalist that have taken over the movement?  

I understand the anger and frustration with the mismanagement of our Federal Government and its finances, but the watershed event by which the movement has galvanized around, The Boston Tea Party, was not a reaction to being taxed but being taxed without their representation, input, or consent. 

In the modern world, governments cannot function without tax revenue by which to reinvest into it's citizens and create the conditions of individual liberty and freedom for private citizens to live free or die.  Things like roads for the commerce of our nation and individuals to be able to participate in that commerce.  Schools, so that individuals can gain knowledge and understanding to see how people with power and money manipulate the uneducated to advocate for the benefit of the few rather than the greater good. 

Americans have representation, can provide input into the democratic political process, and can offer their consent or opposition. The Tea Party Movement is a shame and is represented by those that the NAACP has accurately labeled, racists.   

So again, would their be a Tea Party Movement with out the racists, nativists, birthers, bigots, Anti-Semites, gay bashers, and ultra-nationalist that are the face of the movement? 


  1. I beseech people to remember that a lot of these racists, bigots, nativists, bashers etc., are the way they are because of a higher than average sense of anxiety. This is a condition that borders on, or includes, paranoia.

    Yes! I just found a good article on the subject:

    Paranoia isn't fun. It's a symptom of mental illness and, therefore, deserves our compassion. I'm not saying we shouldn't call people out on it when they express intolerant views. We certainly should d our part to demonstrate that society will no longer tolerate hate speech and actions motivated by it. But studies have shown that right wingers tend toward being anxious and fearful, and the state of the country and the world provides cold comfort. Paranoids are desperate to find an alternative view that answers all their questions and gives them the tools to fight their fears. Enter the Tea Party.

    We can be angry at the effects of the emotions, we can stand up to people who politicize hatred, shine a light and demand accountability. But we have to remember that a certain percentage of us have been traumatized (war, tragedy the frightening vicissitudes of life) or have become ill for any number of reasons, and we'd want the same compassion we should be giving them.

  2. Kit, that's an interesting angle to looking at the Tea Party and the people it attracts. So, would you say that the people that got the Tea Party started have created the conditions that allow/appeal to the paranoid elements of our society?

    If so, then what does that say about the type of people that are attracted to or support the modern GOP?

    The Tea Party re-enforced this appeal this past week when one of its leaders reacted negatively to the NAACP resolution. The way I read the resolution was that they NAACP didn't call the Tea Party racist but that there are racist elements withing the movement that have not been effectively rebuked.

    Also, GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has filed paperwork to form a Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives. Another one that has found a group where their paranoid view of the world is embraced.

    I will re-emphasize that the Tea Party has a legitimate grip about the way our national finances have been mismanaged, but they could kill this label of being racist and harborers of bigots, birthers, gay bashers, anti-semites, and ultra-nationalists by disavowing these elements and at their rallies and event, showing these people the door.

    But, this brings us back to the original question. Would there be a Tea Party Movement without these paranoid extreem elements?

  3. The Democrats have been the home of the KKK for years.Senator Byrd a life long Democrat and also a member of the KKK was praised by Democrats what a bunch of hypocrites.

  4. Anonymous (whoever you are), again the details escape you. So lets be real intellecutally honest here. For years, the Democratic party was the home of conservative legislators in this country. It wasn't until the 1960s with the Civil Rights Era in full swing that the conservative exodus of the Democratic Party began. Yes, there were still some that stayed. They stayed mainly because of populist/working people issues and got past their anger with Civil Rights.

    Senator Byrd was one that stayed. And yes, he was (was being the operative word) a member of the KKK, which he renounced publicly (answering a question about his past affiliation with the KKK on TV). Are Democrats perfect? No. Are they hypocritical? Not so much, mainly because they at least make a real effort to be an inclusive political organization. Can't say that about the Republicans.

    As far as Democrats providing a home (aid and comfort) to the KKK, not for a long, long time. Check the Tea Party for that since these racist and extremist elements appear to be concentrated in that group.

  5. The Democrats had a real chance to make real CHANGE and make it really hard for any Republican to get ever get elected but they got Obama elected and have made it very easy for any Republican to get elected.Quite the CHANGE in less than two years.The Democrats are very short sighted.Since Obama has taken office the unemployment rate among Black Americans has over doubled im sure they will love that FACT.

  6. Barry you know me im the one that you told how good of a candidate Dave Guill was right before he quit with only 60 days left before the election.Remember ?

  7. Can't disagree there. The Democrats had a real chance but they again suffered from the same thing that kills them every time. Legislation drowns from their inability to effectively communicate how it will help and they need to grow a pair. If they were as mean and without ethics like conservatives, they'd win every time.

    Republicans are a much better opposition party than a governing party.

    Obama is not responsible for the economy tanking and the unemployment rate. He's also not responsible for the systemic problems with our economy that began over thirty years ago. What he is responsible for is not pushing it ahead of the rest of the legislative agenda.

    If anything, Democrats are looking far down the road and trying to address the long-term problems with the economy that won't be notice right away. African Americans and other marinalized groups have are always affected more by national economic distress than the rest of the population. It wouldn't matter if it was Obama or McCain in office, it would still be the same.

  8. Anonymous, I remember you. Shoot me an email and we can connect over the phone.

    It would be good to talk over the phone.