Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Perriello down 23 points to Hurt according to WDBJ 7 poll

A new WDBJ 7 (CBS-Roanoke) poll has Tom Perriello down 23 points to 5th Congressional District GOP nominee State Senator Robert Hurt. While the 2010 Mid-Term elections are still months away, this is further proof that being an incumbent will not give you and advantage in this political climate.

This could also mean that, while Tom Perriello has sponsored more legislation and done more as far accessibility and accountability for the office than Virgil Goode did during his entire time in Congress, the right-of-center leanings of the 5th Congressional District are more comfortable with someone South of the James [River] than from Charlottesville. 

WDBJ 7 went on to say that Perriello was down by more than 30 points at the same time in 2008 and went on to beat Goode by just over 700 votes. But, this is not 2008 and Obama's approval rating continues to fall. The next question becomes, how close does Robert Hurt stand next to Virgil Goode and people that self-identify with the Tea Party Movement?  Does Robert Hurt need the Tea Party to win? 


  1. Tom Perriello won't even return phone calls i have left him over 25 messages but have not gotten one call yet.When Virgil Goode was in office he would always return call very quickly.Tom Perriello will find out how it feels to be in the unemployment line.Since Perriello has been in office unemployment has went up in the 5th district it doesn't sound to me like Tommy boy is working very hard to bring jobs into the 5th district.

  2. Well, that doesn't sound like Tom but let me ask you something? What kind of messages have you been leaving? If they have been angry, hostil messages then I can see why his office won't return your calls or address whatever issues or concerns you have.

    As far as making Tom Perriello responsible for unemployment in the 5th CD, come on. You don't think it has anything to do with the current economic crisis starting before he was elected, or that textile and manufacturing jobs have been leaving or left Southside Virgina years before Perriello was elected? Oh, wait. Wasn't that during the time that Virgil Goode was the Congressman?

    So, what would you have him do? Haven't you seen the commercial where he is stepping in cow poop, getting hit in the face with tree branches, spilling coffee on himself? Let me ask you this. How many public meetings, town hall meetings did Virgil have during his time in Congress, like Perriello? How many has Robert Hurt had since he was elected to the Virginia Gen. Assembly?

  3. Im not sure how many town hall meetings Virgil Goode had but i can tell you for sure Tom Perriello won't be having any next year as our rep.