Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Healthcare Reform: Expanding quality, affordable health care options no help to Virginia according to Gov-Elect McDonnell

In case you missed it, Gov-Elect Bob McDonnell made the Sunday morning news circuit to crow about last Tuesday’s sweeping victory in Virginia. When asked about the U.S. House of Representative bill that was narrowly passed (220-215) just before midnight on Saturday, Gov-Elect McDonnell admitted that he hadn’t read the entire bill but that “either way my preference would be not to have Virginia participate from what I know this plan contains.” He went further stating that he’s “very concerned about turning this significant section of the American economy over to the federal government.” Where do I begin…?

First, for all the ranting and raving from the Tea Baggers, Birthers, and the rest of the Conservative Purists about Congressional Members (Democrats and President Obama) about not reading the bill, when are they going to pick up their pitchforks and torches and go after the Gov-Elect for not having “read the entire bill?” The answer… They’re not. They got their guy and they are just fine to continue using duct tape and Crisco for their version of health care.

Second, while the U.S. Federal Government is the largest employer in the nation and has greater collective bargaining power to negotiate rates and reimbursements to private insurers, and the Medicaid and Medicare systems (along with the VA, and Armed Services) are government run and for the most part work very well, they still don’t have the 25% administrative costs that private insurance has and passes along to their policy holders. Also, private health insurers are exempt from federal anti-trust laws which allow them to collaborate and “conspire” to set rates in a totally un-capitalistic and non-competitive system. For all their hollow advocacy for pure market competition, fiscal and social Conservatives continue to support the private health insurance industry which already has a non-competitive advantage over this “significant section” of the American economy.

I guess that the additional public options that Gov-Elect Bob McDonnell supports are laying hands, speaking in tongues, dancing with rattlesnakes and drinking their venom, or praying in front of a TV tuned to the 700 Club. Lest we forget that God gave man FREE WILL to make rational decisions. There’s nothing rational about healthcare reform that doesn’t have some form of a Public Option and doesn’t take away the anti-trust exemption from private health insurance to make them compete. It just isn’t Christian to support suffering and greed.

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