Friday, November 5, 2010

If you can't argue the facts, then just make something up

So, Anderson Cooper of CNN was interviewing Congresswoman Michele Bachmann a couple of nights ago and was asking her some questions about specific things she would cut to reduce the National Debt and get the Federal Budget under control.  Here's the interview... 

Not sure if the cool response Bachmann received from the GOP Leadership (establishment) was a result of this interview, but I'm sure it didn't help her chance to move into the Leadership.  If this is the way the Tea Party "Caucus" Chair plans to govern, the GOP is in trouble. 


  1. Did you see this:

  2. This was totally irresponsible for a Federal elected official to be deliberately spreading false information. I've come to expect that from the Right Wing commentators and Blogs, but come on!

    I saw this and CNN did a great job of debunking this lie by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Thanks for the link!