Monday, September 20, 2010

More proof that poverty and inequity concentrated in regions governed by Conservatives

Last week the government released the latest number on poverty in America, and as expected there are more people living in poverty because of The Great Recession.  One in seven (1 out of every 7) people in this country are living below the poverty line.  Over 14%.  The next day, the U.S. Census Bureau releases its report on the richest and poorest states in the country.  The Top 10 Wealthiest States are as follows: 
1.   New Hampshire
2.   New Jersey 
3.   Connecticut 
4.   Maryland 
5.   Alaska 
6.   Virginia  (NOVA's Median Income is much higher than the rest of the state)
7.   Utah 
8.   Massachusetts 
9.   Hawaii 
10. Washington (State)
The Median Income runs from $65,028 in New Hampshire to $58,404 in Washington (State).  Five out of the top ten are located in the Northeast, and if you want to include Maryland and Virginia for geographic continuity, then seven out of the top ten.  While the Median Incomes are the highest out of all the 50 states, when you factor in cost of living, it becomes more relative.  Also, in many of these states there is a strong Organized Labor movement and have a history of electing Progressives and Liberals.  Now the poorest states: 
50. Mississippi 
49. Arkansas 
48. West Virginia 
47. Tennessee 
46. South Carolina 
45. Montana 
44. Kentucky 
43. Alabama 
42. North Carolina
41. Louisiana
The Median Income for this group runs from $42,423 in Louisiana to the lowest of $35,693 in Mississippi.  Nine out of the ten states in this bottom group are concentrated in the South.  Montana is the only one in this list that is not geographically located in the South.  These states are primarily Right-to-Work states, relatively weak Organized Labor movements, and have a strong history of electing Conservatives. 

As we know, Conservatives are huge advocates of deregulation and pure free market Capitalism.  They favor tax codes that are relatively flat or consumption based rather than the current progressive income tax code.  They also favor little or no taxation on businesses and corporations.  Cost of living is relatively low in this area, as well as wages.  Public Schools are either very well funded or crumbling, depending on which part of the city or county a person lives. 

There are pockets of economic vitality and prosperity, but one to two streets over you run into abject poverty.  It would seem that for Conservatives, this is what personal responsibility and the American Dream resembles.  As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather fock together." 


  1. Good reminder. I would only add that these are also (again excepting Montana) states that were in or on the border of the Confederacy, and states with a legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. Most of the political leaders in those states that you perhaps kindly refer to as "Conservatives" are still operating the same political machinery that was in place under Jim Crow.

  2. There are more comparisons that can be made, but if folks want a preview or a reminder of what it looks like when "Conservatives" are in charge of the government, just look at where they came from.

  3. Take a look at the unemployment rates among African Americans now compared to when GWB was in office you will be shocked.

  4. I've seen the numbers. It is really, really bad for African Americans right now, more specifically African American males. But, it is alway historically worse for African Americans during any economic downturn or recession.

    Even during times of economic prosperity, African American unemployment numbers are still at recession levels. It doesn't matter who's in charge of the government.

  5. You missed my point. The first African American President isn't doing very well for his people but then the Democrats are always big on promises but short on delivery.

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  7. Actually, I didn't. I just wasn't going there. That's why I said it doesn't matter who's in charge (Democrats, Republicans, White or Black Presidents). Colin Powell would be having the same challenges if he had decided to run and was elected.

    This is another example of deep rooted social issues that are still plaguing this nation. A recent study concluded that African American job applicants were far less likely to get a call back or interview if their name had a more African/ethnic spelling.

    Just because Obama is African American doesn't necessarily mean he is going to be able to do any better for one minority group over another. He is the President of the entire United States, not just the ones that share the same skin tone as him.

    As far as him not doing well for "his people," none of them (the President, Democrats, or Republicans) are doing very well for any of us. They're deep into campaign and re-election mode and all they're concerned about it getting eleted and/or getting the majority back.

    One last thing. Have the balls to post under your name or avatar. I know you're local and that's it. I don't know who you are. If you can't post as anything other than "Anonymous" then don't post here at all

  8. Oh you know me im the one that proved you wrong about Dave Guill winning the 60th HOD seat.Remember ?