Friday, October 9, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to... Barack Obama?

Certainly a surprise choice, but if you can't land the 2016 Olympics not a bad consolation PRIZE. Sooo... TAKE THAT SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!!

President Obama is only the third sitting United States President to wind the prize, joining Presidents Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson won his in 1919, after the end of World War I. This is truly an exclusive club and also puts President Obama is rarefied company.

Obama has been widely criticized by Republicans and many conservatives for spending too much time traveling the world and not focusing on domestic economic issues and not being more engaged in the Healthcare Reform efforts in the United States. The truly stunning move by the Nobel Prize Committee in naming Barack Obama the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize is that it usually goes to someone who has spent a significant part of their life in the pursuit of peace. President Obama has only been in office for 9 months.

I don't think that the Nobel Peace Prize has ever gone to a leader of any nation that is engaged in any war, let alone two wars. But, Obama has reached out to almost every corner of the world to make that case that the United States is back and intends to full fill the promise that it has been hyped up to be for so long.

So again, TAKE THAT SNL!!!

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