Monday, August 10, 2009

Healthcare Reform: Let's all read the bill to stop the lies about Healthcare Reform efforts

As the chants of "READ THE BILL, READ THE BILL" continue to be shouted across the country, I thought that it would be a good idea to take their advise and read the bill. Well, at least one of them, and well read through some of the bill. But, I suspect that the ones screaming "READ THE BILL" the loudest, haven't read it themselves. So I have a link to one of the bills, the one that has the most traction in the House of Representatives, provided by

I hope that this will help some out there to get the FACTS for themselves and stop "Parroting" the talking points of the Health Insurance Industry. I do think that some of the outrage and disruptions at the Town Hall Meetings across the country are organic, but the vast majority of the disruptions and the drowning out Congressional Members trying to answer questions about this very complex bill are staged and deliberate.

I do have to wonder if people feel ashamed that once they have the facts and learn that all the mis-information that is being shoveled to the public, was nothing more than them being used by playing on their fears? I wonder if they've read the bill, or bills, that they are so opposed to?

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